Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This is my first venture into writing.I have absolutely no idea what am going to blog about.Let me just start with the movie i saw today.
Its an epic by itself.An amazing story which Will grip you through out!
The movie is on par with any Hollywood one introducing concepts like chaos theory and the butterfly effect.
The whole movie is intertwined with these concepts where 1o characters play a very important role.I just cannot imagine the depth of this movie . i realised that i discover it more every time i watch it and it creates an awe in me every time.
Dasavatharam as the name suggests is a saga which talks about god,nature and overall humans and their emotions.
most of us have heard of only the bad after effects of the tsunami,but who has ever thought about whether it was really a boon in disguise. this movie talks of how stuff like this could have happened.
All the characters have a deep impact of their own.each one being totally different.
Nambi-the believer - had this staunch vaishnavite belief which the king had to destroy to prove his (god's) supremacy.Nambi had a small role but it was the strongest link in this chain of events.
In the beginning it is Nambi who says his god is supreme and his wife persuades him to tel otherwise,but in the sec half of the movie Govind firmly believes in human values than in god whereas his lady love literally screeches(she really does!!) her devotion to the supreme.
Govind -the atheist.. is this new-age techno guy who believes in every human being being a god rather than a god for every human being.He questions gods(if there is one) methods of killing so many innocent people.when asin replies saying that he has saved millions of people by destroying the virus kamal retorts asking her why he should create such dislocations in the tectonic plates or why should he even give thoughts to scientists to create such harmful viruses?i personally go by quote "sadness is the beginning of happiness"only if you feel sad u can know the true value of being happy!So if everything was so fine and right in this world there would be no happiness or for that matter no'll be dull and mundane.God's existence can be felt felt only at times like these when he brings a ray of hope for people who have lost everything but their lives.anyways this is just my opinion.people can believe in whatever they want to right??:)
Balram naidu-inspector Clouseau :P is one guy who adds more flavour to this wonderful recipe :) Hes the STRICT-OPPICER types whose comic sense derives laughter even in serious situations.His ringtone, his lingo,his assistant every tiny detail has been looked into and the way he says even in Matt criminals are there shows he also resembles RAGHAVAN of VV fame[:P]. his quirks -the one with Madonna, 5 Lang in Telugu ,kalifulla khan , etc are memorable ones.
christian Fletcher-the terminator.. is one guy with a major attitude.He knows hes the best,kills someone at the bat of an eyelash, even his wife(the villi).He knows what he wants and how to get it and doesnt mind dying to KILL others!His accent is amazing. though his ruthless behaviour makes you wonder if hes a man or a machine!!!all the chasing sequence reminded me a little of TERMINATOR.!
krishnaveni patti-the kid... is 95 years young:) The detail to which kamal goes into may it be the voice or the costume or the language or the fact that even though she is being called mentally disabled by her family members she only behaves like a kid(i have observed that the elder ones at home tend to act more like the youth when they are nearing their end!:P)be it giving various ideas for the bommalatam or sitting in the cupboard when angry or scolding with words like bramhagathi!!.She grieves the loss of her only son which moved me cause it was actually not her son but a dalit guy who does not bear even the slightest resemblance to her son.This shows the compassion she had towards her son .i enjoyed the car chasing scene with her bugging the officer to go to the loo:P
kalifulla khan- the innocent .His pet name is "baby" in this movie which suits him perfectly.He is an epitome of niceness,innocence,care and optimism! His character radiates hope honesty and humbleness.Every person he encounters comments on his looks.But Being so tall and being weirdly looked at-nothing bothers him.His main ideology is that "everything that happens ,happens for a reason" He has "full"[:)] trust in god and his actions which never lead him down!He is so sweet that he goes outta his way to help govind and unknowingly saves the lives of 200 people.What i understood from his character is that no matter how tall or fat or ugly you are its the inside that really counts !!!:)
vincent poovaragan-the human(e) . This man fights for the rights of his land.He faces opposition from big people but stubbornly fights his way through.He is courageous and brave risking his life for the lives of his people. But fate plays a major role , he dies while trying to save his enemy's son.Maybe it was his destiny to die either way ,he would have died at the hands of the villain if not by the tsunami!But only this way makes the villains realise their folly and about his greatness.He is portrayed brilliantly by kamal who goes into the nuances of the lingo, his mannerisms etc.The way he gives something of his own to the kid and refuses to give the pen shows his generous, selfless nature.
Shinghen Narahasi -the avenger. this guy is the typical Japanese kung-fu type who avenges the death of his beloved sister.The love for his sister is shown clearly when he finds out who killed his sister and rushes to kill him.the fight sequence with fletcher is mind blowing !!!
Avtaar singh-the lover.. when he has to choose between the love for his family or the love for music, this guy takes the right logical decision any man would do..his family!Aptly put, his words "music is my passion not my life ,my family is my life" are true in every persons life. This guy strongly believes in god just like kalifulla khan .He also takes everything in the positive way and says that "if god is testing me then i should try getting at least a 36 in it":P . Even though the bullet taking away his cancer is just a little too far fetched it just adds a bit of positive hope in this world and it is possible that it COULD have happened.Also this adds up a little to my theory about happiness and miracles in this world.. doesnt it??:)
George w Bush-the fool... He is portrayed as a idiot which is actually true..he he .!! The way he asks
"sir,its a bit complicated"
"then leave it don explain"
or when he asks
"cant we nuke bomb them or something"
His walk his talk everything is done with meticulous perfection.

I have loads to write about this movie. But i guess this is enough for now. In all this i have not mentioned anything about the make up.I had hard time believing there were actually 4 kamals in a single scene and i saw them each as their own character and NOT as Kamal Hassan!!seriously hats off!Kamal knows what to do, how to do and when to do!!:)
This is just my personal opinion about the movie .I may be wrong but then again i don care:)
Its ma life!!!he he!